Playlist for Wee Ears

I’ve been meaning to create a playlist for my girl for months.
How did this happen? I have my own music, and on top of that there are plenty of children’s albums targeted at making a little one nod off. I’ve been playing Magnetic Fields and Fleet Foxes for her, which works great, but I think I’m leaning towards something a little different. Besides, playing an entire album usually doesn’t have all the songs at a slow, mellow pace.

I think I’m going to dig up some of my CD’s and put together the following:
Orbital : Halcyon + On + On
Morphine : The Only One
Alison Krauss : Down to the River to Pray
Ella Fitzgerald : Mood Indigo
Debussey : Claire De Lune (I sometimes can’t believe it’s so popular now due to twilight!)
Chopin : Nocturne
Miles Davis : Blue in Green

Not sure about the order just yet, but I’ll play around with it until I feel it works!

I really liked this Dad’s notes on music considerations for his baby.

Guns-n-Roses for kids.. Do I want to hear Welcome To The Jungle played in a soothing manner? Hrm. More importantly, does my kid?

Finally, for when I have to worry about a toddler, there’s a whole conversation about this topic here: Creating a toddler playlist.

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